We showed you ours! What Does Your Top 10 List Look Like?

9 Mar

Development Wednesday

By Chavon Carroll, Donor Marketing Manager

As we enter the final 22 days of our Annual Fund Drive, I can’t help but thank all of our amazing donors who support arts and culture in this community through their generosity.

Our lifeblood. Our champions. Our donors.

There must be a ton of reasons they support us, but as a donor and advocate in my own right, I wanted to put together my own Top 10 List of reasons to support ASC. Check out the Flickr stream here

With economic impact provided by arts and culture topping $158 million annually; arts, science and history education programs in our schools helping build the next generation of leaders; and the way our arts and cultural organizations make our community a better place to live, work and visit, I’ve captured some of my favorite reasons to support ASC.

I must be missing a few, though.

Because the most important reason to support ASC is whatever your own personal reason is.

Without your support, we couldn’t make any of the amazing impact possible. This fund drive is not about us, but about how amazing our nearly 30,000 donors (and counting) are that make all of it possible

Feel free to comment on why YOU support ASC below. We’d love to hear your reasons!

P.S. If you haven’t had the chance to support ASC yet with a gift this year, why not do so today with a gift and pass it along to your friends to do the same?

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