Charlotte Jewish Film Festival Returns

16 Feb

By Shari Baum, Charlotte Jewish Film Festival

“Charlotte’s got a lot.” From blown glass sculptures at The Mint Museum to intensive kayaking at the U.S. National Whitewater Center and being the number two banking capital in the nation, the City of Charlotte caters to the intellectual, the outdoors(wo)man and the entrepreneur. In fact, there is so much to do in the Queen City that it’s impossible to pack it all into one week. So in an attempt to fill your social calendar to its capacity, the committee of the Charlotte Jewish Film Festival (CJFF) brings you the 8th Annual Film Festival, February 25 – March 11, 2012!

Jeff Turk, Charlotte Jewish Film Festival Director, clowns around at the 7th Annual Charlotte Jewish Film Festival screening of "Circus Kids"

Like many festivals, the CJFF had humble beginnings. The inaugural festival in 2005 featured two films shown to a sold-out crowd of 140. Fast forward six years to 2011 and the Festival boasted ten screenings viewed by 1800 movie-goers. And to think that the Festival is fueled solely by volunteers!

Each year, the CJFF selection committee carefully views each film and chooses a variety of movies that range from thoughtful documentaries to romantic comedies to political dramas. The diverse line-up ensures that there is something for everyone and the multiple locations guarantees that the films are accessible to all Charlotteans. Furthermore, the tickets are affordable and usually cost less than an evening out on the town.

The Festival strives to be both entertaining and educational. There are often speakers and discussion panels after the movie that enhance the filmgoing experience. Additionally, the CJFF is committed to interfaith and intercultural outreach and has partnered with Mecklenburg Ministries, The Light Factory and the Latin American Coalition (amongst other organizations) in the past.

Interested in adding the Festival to your social calendar either as a volunteer, attendee, sponsor or all of the above? Visit to learn more.

*The Charlotte Jewish Film Festival received a $7,500 Cultural Project Grant to support this year’s festival.

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