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Anonymous donation powers giving on power2give.org

31 Jan

By Bernie Petit
Communications Manager 

Everyone loves to see the support they provide to their favorite cultural organizations matched.

And, thanks to an anonymous donation, $50,000 in new matching funds is now available for Charlotte-Mecklenburg projects on power2give.org, the online fundraising platform for the arts created by the Arts & Science Council (ASC).

9095-ASC-Pwer2Give_logo_exp_rv9For a limited time, local projects posted on the cultural crowdfunding site will be matched, $1 for every $2, through the donation.

“This unexpected and generous gift will help donors better leverage the dollars they give to the organizations and causes they care about,” said Perry Mixter, power2give.org associate vice president of client services.

Current projects eligible for the matching funds include:

  • $10,000 for The Choir School at St. Peter’s “Adopt a Chorister” program, which helps cover the costs for music, uniforms, materials, accompanists and instruction for program participants;
  • $1,008 for Play It Forward at Carolina Actors Studio Theatre, which will provide 30 tickets from the Family Drug Court’s FIRST program (which helps parents receive substance abuse treatment and other services) to attend a matinee of “Sizwe Bansi is Dead”; and
  • $2,464 for Full STEM Ahead! program, in which 100 9th- and 10th- grade Communities in Schools students will spend the day at UNC-Charlotte exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professions by rotating through interactive stations in engineering, physics, computing, chemistry and health sciences.
Perry Mixter, power2give.org associate vice president of client services.

Perry Mixter, power2give.org associate vice president of client services.

“By offering need-based scholarships to engage students in the arts, supporting transformative cultural experiences and providing memorable cultural opportunities, these projects will promote greater access to the arts throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg,” Mixter said.  “That’s the power of power2give.org in action.”

ASC launched power2give.org in August 2011. Donors to the site have raised $1.09 million to fund 117 projects in Charlotte and $3.64 million to fund 1,643 projects in 18 cities nationwide. More than 45-percent of those who donate to projects posted on power2give.org are new donors to the cultural sector.

To view projects in need of support, visit power2give.org. Follow power2give.org on Twitter @power2give and “Like” on Facebook at Facebook.com/power2give.

The Power of A Challenge

17 Jan

By Laura Sharpe, Associate Director, Community Giving

Sandra and Leon Levine know the power of a challenge.  Their philanthropy is not a one-time gift, but rather a gift that keeps on giving, by inspiring and challenging others to donate.  The Leon Levine Foundation’s Cultural Education Challenge for individual projects on power2give.org, ASC’s on-line fundraising site, did just that.


Sandra and Leon Levine – photo courtesy of The Leon Levine Foundation

The $150,000 challenge inspired 590 individual donations to 89 individual projects.  More than 30 organizations benefited from the Levine’s generosity.  Community School of the Arts is able to provide 1600 music lessons to under privileged youth; English as a second language students at three more  high schools are learning English and photography through The Light Factory’s My Family, Our Stories; and  Opera Carolina’s Opera Express preformed 10 times in Project L.I.F.T. and Title 1 Schools because of the Levines and donors that answered the challenge.

The benefits gained were more than simply funding for the projects they posted but also the introduction of potential new donors to their organizations.  Of the donations received through the site an average of 46.81% were from donors who had never supported the organization previously.

On behalf of all of the organizations and Charlotte-Mecklenburg students, many thanks to The Leon Levine Foundation and everyone who rose to the Challenge.

ASC Is Business Unusual!

18 Dec

By Laura Sharpe, Associate Director, Community Giving

Back in June, which seems ages ago, I received a forwarded email about EmcArts Business Unusual contest.  The contest was designed to have organizations share how they are addressing the persistent challenges facing the arts sector right now through innovative strategies.  The Arts & Science Council’s own creation, power2give.org, seemed like a perfect fit since it was designed to address the changing funding model.

InnovationContest_banner-Announce2On December 5, it was announced that the Arts & Science Council (ASC) is one of five finalists.  The story that receives the most votes will be turned into an in-depth audio postcard and receive permanent residence in EmcArts Innovation Stories collection.

Last week we had a substantial lead but over the weekend Columbus Museum of Art and Portland Art Museum increased their efforts so we are now in 3rd place.  We need your help to win!  Please click here and vote for Arts & Science Council of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.  You don’t have to sign up for anything or download special software.  You simply select ASC and click on “vote”.

The contest ends on Friday, December 21, so please vote today and give ASC a Happy Holiday!

Help Create Lasting Memories

21 Nov

By Laura Sharpe, Associate Director, Community Giving

One memory that sticks out in my mind from elementary school was getting on a big yellow school bus to visit the Pink Palace Museum.  Since I walked to school, it was the first time I ever had been on a school bus, and it was also the first time I saw the polar bear that guarded the museum’s entry hall.  Thinking back on it more, it was an entire day of firsts – the first time I learned that grocery stores used to be really different as I walked through the replica Piggly Wiggly store; the first time I learned about leaches thanks to a creepy yellow fever diorama; and the first time I learned about very different cultures when I saw the shrunken head of an Ecuadorian Indian, complete with recipe.

I’m sure that many of you have memories like these, perhaps without the shrunken head, and this year you have the opportunity to provide field trip memories for thousands of CMS students through a small donation on power2give.org.

Two years ago, budget cuts caused arts programming, including field trips, to be cut from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  Thanks to generous donations to the Arts & Science Council last year, $1 million was given to reinstate many of the programs, including cultural experiences that many of the students would otherwise not have.

This year, the Arts & Science Council has earmarked a portion of the $150,000 Challenge Grant from The Leon Levine Foundation for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools grade-level field trips.  More than $20,000 is left to match every donation dollar-for-dollar, and make it possible for:

  • 5th graders to attend a joint performance of Charlotte Symphony, NC Dance Theatre and Opera Carolina
  • 6th graders to interact with science at Discovery Place
  • 7th graders to visit Levine Center for the Arts
  • Secondary students and teachers to attend Children’s Theatre’s production of Red Badge of Courage

To learn more about and support these projects, visit power2give.org.

power2Give.org empowers The Light Factory to maintain “My Family, Our Stories”

28 Jun

By Dee Grano, Director of Marketing, The Light Factory

Thanks to the e-generosity of power2Give.org donors, The Light Factory will bring the power of image to English as Second Language Students at two more Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools through “My Family, Our Stories” for the 2012/2013 year.  Funding cuts threatened to limit the impact of the photo-literacy program by decreasing it to one school until a call for support was fully funded with a matching gift through The Leon Levine Foundation.

When I got out of the airport, my uncle wanted to go buy some clothes for me, because I had on the only clothes I owned. – Laick Sache, Guatemala

photo by Charlena Garcia

Since 2000, “My Family, Our Stories” has used the power of photography and filmmaking to help middle and high school students struggling to learn English.  Students are lent cameras to take home to document their lives, communities and families.  Their final photographs and stories become a part of an exhibition at The Light Factory in the spring.

“We have an opening reception where the students can bring their families and friends to see their work,” says Jen Crickenberger, director of education for The Light Factory.  “These brave young people tell their personal stories in front of the entire crowd.  There’s never a dry eye in the room.”

In my country, Iraq, there is a lot of war.  I came to the USA for peace. – Omar Shawkat, Iraq

Because of budget constraints, funding for “My Family, Our Stories” has decreased.  The Light Factory has historically offered the program to as many as seven schools.  This past school year only saw three schools, and next year would have only been one.

“Because of Power2Give.org, The Light Factory will maintain our impact bringing photo-literacy to underserved students and their hardworking teachers,” says Executive Director Marcie Kelso.

If you stop practicing a certain activity you forget how to do it, this happened to me when I wanted to dream.  Thanks to “My Family, Our Stories” I was able to learn step by step how to dream again. – Charlena Garcia, Columbia

More information on The Light Factory, and “My Family, Our Stories” can be found online at www.lightfactory.org/my-family-our-stories.

power2give.org Raises $1 Million

22 May

Support projects at McColl Center for Visual Art.

Nine months ago ASC launched power2give as a platform for non-profits to raise money for arts and cultural projects in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Since then we’ve launched the site in Louisville (Kentucky and Southern Indiana), Miami, Fla. and just last week, Greensboro. The expansion of the site has meant growth not just geographically, but in total fundraising as well. We’re excited to be able to announce today that power2give.org has so far raised $1 million!  It has provided funding to nearly 430 arts, science, history and heritage projects.

“I am thrilled that this new strategy to support the arts and cultural sectors in cities across the U.S. is working and its impact is more than we expected in the first year,” said ASC President Scott Provancher.  “I am grateful to the individuals and organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to arts and culture by giving to the projects and nonprofits they are passionate about through the site.”

In each city, the site has helped raise:

  • $373,874 – Charlotte, N.C. (launched Aug. 29, 2011)
  • $381,709 – Kentucky & Southern Indiana (launched Dec. 5, 2011)
  • $231,384 – Miami, Fla. (launched Dec. 14, 2011)
  • $19,383 – Greensboro, N.C. (launched May 15, 2012)

The success comes from more than 3,750 individual donations and matching gifts from corporations and foundations.  The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Wells Fargo, Republic Bank and the Leon Levine Foundation are among the organizations that have matched individual gifts on the site.

In the coming months we’ll be announcing additional cities hosting the site across North Carolina and the country. Stay tuned!

To view projects in need of support, visit www.power2give.org.

Building Cultural Communities with power2give.org

29 Feb

More than a year and a half ago, ASC set out to create a new way to support arts, science, history and heritage in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. After almost a year of research, design and build-out we launched power2give.org in late August 2010. power2give took the concept of internet based crowd funding to local cultural organizations.

The project rapidly hit benchmarks and today, thanks to the generous support of hundreds of individual donors, including matching grants from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Foundation for The Carolinas, more than $254,000 has been contributed to support various 501 c (3)’s with cultural projects and/or missions.

It has supported bird feeding at Wing Haven, helped the Charlotte Symphony bring orchestral music and education to students at Winterfield Elementary and provided dance uniforms for North Carolina Dance Theatre REACH! students.

Charlotte Children's Choir raised $10,000 to pay for travel to The White House for a holiday concert through power2give.org

It was with that success that we were eager to expand power2give beyond the borders of Mecklenburg County. A sister site was launched in Louisville, Kentucky in mid-December. Through a lot of hard work,  the Fund for the Arts has raised more than $221,000 supporting projects throughout the state of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Following not too far behind was the Department of Cultural Affairs in Miami-Dade, Florida. They too have worked hard with the cultural organizations in their area and raised more than $217,000.

If you’re counting, power2give.org has helped raise almost $700,000 for 181 projects in three states. The continued growth of the site and enthusiastic involvement of organizations, businesses, foundations and donors has demonstrated the power of the project.

ASC is excited about the future of and possibilities for power2give.org. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be announcing new matching gifts and expansions. Stay tuned as we help shape a vibrant cultural life for all in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and help other communities do the same.


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